Things have recently changed in my life (all for good), but it has become a distraction from my writing. I find myself exhausted after a new position at my day job that by the time I get home in the evenings, my mind doesn’t want to process anything, including writing.

But what does this mean for my dreams of becoming a published novelist?

It means that I have to really look at my new schedule and find how to get my writing in. If this means sneaking five or ten minutes throughout the day, then that will be what I have to do. If it means getting up a little earlier since the evenings seems to be a no-go now, then it will be done.

I’m giving myself some time before making any changes because it is only my first week, but it definitely has put a damper on my writing. Which is one reason this blog is being done on Tuesday instead of my typical Monday.

I just know that I have to find a new balance between my day job and my writing life. It may be difficult and take me a little while, but I think in the end it will definitely be worth it.

So, please bear with me when it comes to this blog. Until I am able to get myself back onto the proper schedule, I may be late or even skip a week. But I promise, in the end this blog will be back up and maybe even better thanks to my new job.

Until next time… Keep writing!



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