National Migraine Awareness Month

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that I suffer from migraines. They disrupt my life more often than anything else and can literally have me in beds for day. But I recently realized something from lurking on Twitter, there seems to be quite a number of writers who suffer from migraines.

This was interesting for me to discover because it made me wonder: does being a creative person have a link to migraines?

I researched the topic and had discovered that quite a few other people also noticed this connection between writers and migraines. Maybe it is something with the way the brain works in writers that makes us susceptible to migraines? I don’t really know, but definitely know that having migraines can certainly interfere with my writing.

But since it is National Migraine Awareness Month, I wanted to share some facts about migraines with you, in case you have been one of the lucky ones who haven’t had the pleasure.

  • Migraines are actually a genetic disorder that causes nerves in the brain to actually misfire and cause pain. Migraines are not “headaches” and should never be referred to as a headache.
  • Migraines can last from four hours to days. The disorder is ranked as the “12th most disabling disorder in the US.”
  • Around 37  million people in the US alone suffer from migraines. It causes people to take off of work, not spend time with families, and basically not participate in life.
  • There are actually different stages of migraines (build up, migraine itself, and post-migraine) that people don’t really know about. The build up (called the prodome) can begin hours or even days before the actual pain. During this phase, you can have mood changes, excessive yawning, and even food cravings. After the migraine you get the postdrome. I call this the migraine hangover, which is exactly what it feels like. You are exhausted and still not able to think clearly and sometimes can feel depressed.
  • 91 percent of the people who suffer from migraines, miss work because of them.

Hopefully, this will give you a little insight into what the migraine sufferers in your life deal with. It can be a very emotional disorder not only because of the pain you deal with, but the stigmata that is associated with it.

Until next time… Keep Writing.


Statistics and migraine information obtained from Check it out!!!



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