No More Plotting

As I have discussed many times throughout my blog, I have been working on a novel. At least trying to. I’ve been tirelessly trying to figure out the plot of what would be the first novel I plan to try and publish. The problem was that I felt like I kept hitting a brick wall. I would have the best idea but couldn’t get the plot to work.

Finally, I said enough. By the first of June, I wanted to start writing and I actually started it a week early. I have the basic idea of what I want to happen in my novel, but in no way have the full plot figured out. And you know what I have decided, that is okay.

Since I have been starting to write the novel, I have come across some really good ideas that I don’t think I would have had by creating a full plot and then writing. One even changed the basis of the story in a way, but it was the thing I had been looking for the whole time.

I know that when I am done with my writing, I will have plenty of editing to do. I know that there will certainly be holes that will need to be filled. But in the long run, I am feeling so much better about my writing, now that I am actually writing.

Currently, my word count has been 1000 words a day. I’ve gone over that most days, so made the decision to up it to 1500 words starting this week. And if this works for a few weeks, I’m hoping to up it to 2000 words.

Another method I have found that has been working for me is that I now have a separate notebook just for my novel. As I am writing, I mark down anything which I will need to remember, such as character information or ideas for upcoming writing sessions. Then, when I am finished writing for the day, I write out what happened in that scene(s). This way when I am done with my rough draft, I will also have a working outline that I can use for editing. During the writing of the scene(s), I mark down anything that I feel might need to be changed when I go back through. This way I am not really editing while writing. This allows the story to just be told for now.

I’m definitely trudging along slowly, but in the end, I think it will be worth it. I can’t wait to see where my characters are going to take me.

Until next time…. Keep Writing!


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