Hard Look

Last week was definitely a week I would like to forget. Even with Monday being a holiday and getting to spend extra days with my husband, the week quickly went downhill from there.

Tuesday I got nailed with a killer migraine that derailed the whole week and the plans I had. But during that time, I had plenty of time to think (since there was nothing else I could do since my head hurt so bad). And I realized just how much I had been really neglecting my writing.

The week before I was frustrated. The plot I have been working on wasn’t going anywhere and I seriously thought about just giving up. Why continue to make myself miserable by seeking something that didn’t seem like I would actually ever do. Then I thought about just throwing the planning aside and just start writing.

That worked for a few days and then last week hit. And I had to take a hard look at myself and my plans.

This morning I got up with a new sense of myself. Yes, still dealing with a migraine, but I can’t allow this to continue ruining all the plans I have had for myself through the years. I also can’t continue to allow procrastination to interfere. And this I have been doing a lot.

During my time of trying to get through the pain, I realized how much I wanted to be at my computer and writing. The love of writing is still in me, I just haven’t been embracing it like I should. I want nothing more than to sit down and put this story in my head onto paper for others to enjoy.

So, today I will allow myself to finally be the writer I have always wanted to be. Writing will be my number two priority (family is always number one). I will start acting like a writer and hopefully, this will mean feeling more like a writer.

It has been a rough first six months of the year, but I need to make the final six months work in my favor. Maybe this means missing some television shows or not curling up with a good book in the evenings, but these are the sacrifices I am finally willing to take in order to become the writer that I want to be.

Who knows, next week’s post might be about all the opportunities I have found because I have finally started to live life as a writer, all because I took a hard look at myself.

Until next week… Keep Writing!


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