Taking a Break

Whenever you read advice about being a writer, the number one thing you see is that a writer should write everyday. But in all honesty, is this a good idea?

I will admit, I don’t write everyday. One reason is that my weekends are reserved for spending time with my family. During the week our schedules are so varied that the weekends is the only time that we actually get to see each other for more than a few minutes here and there.

Another reason is that come the weekend, I sometimes just need a break. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think about my current project. But during this time, I allow my subconscious to actually take control and see what it can come up with.

For example, I am currently working on my outline for the book I want to start writing next month. I have been back and forth with this outline for months. No matter how hard I try, there is still something missing and the pieces just won’t fit together.

By last Friday I had reached the point where I seriously wanted to put this story away forever and not look at it again. I was frustrated. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. So, I took a break. I didn’t think about it all weekend. There was a nagging in the back of my head when I would read telling me that I really should look at the plot again, but I brushed it off. I allowed my subconscious to just think through what I want this story to be and try to come up with what I am missing.

Now I can’t say that when I look at my plot later on today that all my issues will be solved. But I don’t want to throw this idea away anymore. I want to solve this puzzle so I can get to the next step of writing this story.

Sometimes a writer needs a break. Even if it means putting the current project aside for a while and concentrating on something different. I know that throughout the weekend, I found a tons of writing prompts that I want to use in the future. I know that throughout the weekend my reading helped me to see how a story can be put together and also what I do and don’t like about what I have read.

A break doesn’t necessarily mean that you stop being a writer all together. Instead it means that you allow your subconscious to do some of the work while you focus on life. And what good is a writer if they don’t live. If I would have focused my whole weekend on trying to get the plot of my novel figured out, for one I probably wouldn’t feel like ever picking it up again and for two, I would have missed out on plenty of things which will probably end up in my book at a later time.

Do you allow yourself to take a break from writing?

Until next time… Keep Writing.



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