It’s another Monday morning and I’ve spent the morning planning for my writing week and looking over what I was able to accomplish the week before. And I have to say that I actually got a great deal accomplished. I didn’t achieve every goal because I ended up taking Friday off from my writing, but otherwise I reached my writing goal for all the other days in the week.

Why was last week so good? Because I was accountable for my writing.

Monday I was going over my plans for the week and realized that my biggest issue with my writing was that I was on my own. I didn’t have anyone looking over my shoulder making sure that I was getting writing done. I could tell my myself that I would make it later when I didn’t feel like writing that day. I would promise myself to put in extra time the next day. But that didn’t work because I was able to break the promises with myself without any repercussions.

I thought about how to make myself more accountable for my writing goals everyday. Then I came up with an idea. I was going to ask a fellow writer to make me accountable.

My writing friend and I have been talking for ten years or more. We met in a critique group, and although we’ve never actually met in person, we have created a pretty good friendship. I instantly asked her to do me a favor and be my writing buddy. I would give her my daily goals for the day and she would make sure to check in with me to see if they get done. And I am helping her with her goals.

This has been the best decision I’ve made with my writing. Now, if I don’t feel like writing when I get home from work, I still do it because I have someone who is going to check to make sure that I did it. And it worked great this past week.

The best part is that I go on a day by day basis. If in the morning I know that it isn’t going to be a productive day, I can set my goal for a little lower. I still get writing done, but I don’t feel the pressure to push myself too much. And believe me, she makes sure that I am reaching my goals.

Being a writer can be such a solitary experience that sometimes you feel all alone in your writing dreams that you don’t push yourself as hard because there is no one you are hurting except for yourself if you let it slide. This was what I was finding with myself. If I didn’t get my writing goals done for the day, it only affected me (or at least this is what I believed). But looking at this past week, I discovered just how miserable I could be when I would push my writing off.

Having someone there that you know has the same plans and dreams can be wonderful. You find yourself talking about your writing throughout the day and this gives you that extra boost to meet your goals.

Have you had any experience with having a writing friend keep you on your goals? I would love to hear about it.

Until next time… Keep Writing!!!


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