Being a Professional

Last week I wrote about writing and moods. And the rest of my week continued to be in the same way as my Monday started out. Between dealing with severe migraines throughout the week and then frustrations from other outside forces, I didn’t get much writing done.

This morning I was mentally preparing myself for the week ahead. I kept telling myself that I needed to make my writing a priority this week without any excuses. My first task for this Monday morning, like all my other Monday mornings, was to read through some writing blogs. I like starting my week like this because it can usually set me into the writing mood after my weekends when I don’t allow myself to work on writing.

This week I actually discovered a number of blogs posts which really put what has been going on with me lately into a little more perspective. They were articles dealing with being a professional writer and they made me look at some things I needed seriously figure out when it comes to my writing.

I have considered myself a professional writer for a while. Although lately, I haven’t felt like one. One reason is that I would find myself neglecting my writing for things such as watching television. And these articles helped me to see that there are certain things I need to do in order to make myself feel more like a professional writer again.

One of the biggest things which all the articles hinted at was having consistency in your writing. This doesn’t mean to write in the same way such as using the same plot or themes, but more in having a commitment to writing like you do for a typical day job. You make a commitment to get your writing done and you need to find ways to do this.

One suggestion was having a routine. There had been a number of articles that discuss the routine of famous authors. And they all seem to have something in common; giving themselves goals for everyday, whether word counts or pages. And they didn’t let anything get in their way of these goals.

The problem I face right now is that I’m not actually in the writing phase of my novel. I’m still planning, so what does this mean when it comes to setting goals? This is something I have been thinking over all day. And I think this is the reason that I have been having so much trouble. Because I know that when the times comes to actually write, I will be able to set that daily goal and strive to it. But right now, saying I will work on planning my novel leads me to maybe working on it for an hour and then calling it quits. I reached my goal, but didn’t get much done.

A great idea occurred to me, maybe what I need to do during the planning process is get back to using my pomodoro technique when I work on my planning. I have written about this before, but the basis is that you work for 25 minutes on a project and take a 5 minute break. After four rounds then you take a longer break.

When I am on planning mode of a novel, I can simple set a goal of needing to do three sessions of the four rounds in a day. This way I will actually have a goal which would be more productive than just saying, work on novel planning. It doesn’t mean that these sessions will be productive, but if I only focus on novel planning during those 25 minutes, then I am getting closer to my actually getting the novel planned out.

I would love to hear from you about the methods you use in order to plan your novel or what you consider being a professional writer.

Until next time, Keep Writing!




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