Back On Schedule

After a horrible start to January, I have finally gotten myself back into my schedule and had a fabulous writing week last week.

I spent over four hours each day working on my two projects that I have in the planning stage. It felt so good to actually get myself back into these projects after the month that I had. And everyday I found myself thinking more and more about each project.

The short story I am working on in order to send it in for an anthology is finally ready for me to begin writing. I had quite a few false starts because although I started with an idea, it just wasn’t working out right. I would try to write it, but could only get so far before I realized it wasn’t the story I wanted to tell. Finally, I went back to the drawing board and made a brief outline of the images that were floating in my head. Once I was able to do that, the story plot seemed to fall into place. We will see how well it is though once I start writing it this week.

The novel that I am planning also seemed to finally fall into place with some of the things that I hadn’t been able to figure out before. Although I am nowhere close to actually writing it, I don’t feel like I won’t be able to meet my deadline of starting to write it in June.

The biggest issue I found with both of these projects is that I had an idea/imagine in my head, but couldn’t really get the story to fit with it at first, especially the novel. And then finally I realized that I needed to come up with both the beginning and end to each of the stories first and then work from there. With the short story, once I had them, everything else fell into place. With my novel, I am still trying to work through the key points that all novels need, but I feel like I am getting closer with each day them aligning the way I want.

Hopefully this week will be just as productive and I’ll have a new short story written and ready for editing and have at least most of the main points in my novel figured out. Once these points are figured out, I can work on coming up with other scenes in order to get me to this point.

I think plotting is always the hardest part for me because it is almost like a puzzle without any right answers, but everything has to fit together in order for it to be complete.

Hopefully all of you are having a fabulous start of the week and until next week… Keep writing!!!


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