Productive Week

I am very proud of myself. Last week I actually stuck with my writing plan and got a lot of things accomplished. I only ended up with a little over 2,000 words, but I did a great deal of planning.

One thing I worked on was planning my new novel. I started by doing “what if” questions for the novel. All together I ended up with almost four pages. And now I am going through those “what if” questions and trying to expand the ones that I want to include in the novel. That is my goal for my novel this week.

The other thing I worked on was a submission for a anthology. I had the idea and started to write. The story took a turn from my original idea and I’m eager to see where it will go. I’m not sure the original idea will continue, but this is the fun of writing.

When I have weeks like this, I find myself more and more eager to work on my writing. The thought of writing is constantly in my head and throughout the day, I will come up with little things off and on that I will add to my writing later in the day.

This is to me, the best part of writing. Discovering what is going to happen in your writing. Uncovering what will happen to these stories which are playing in your head. Seeing what your imagination can come up.

Tell me what you like the most about writing?

Until next week…. Keep Writing!


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