First Full Week of December

I don’t know about you, but my past few weeks have been crazy!! And in that rush, I finished my writing for National Novel Writing Month, although I’m pretty sure that not much of what I wrote will ever see the light of day.

Now that the big hurdle for November is over, I am stuck asking myself where do I go from here? In all honesty, the past week hasn’t seen a drop of actual writing. I don’t know if I burned myself out or if it is just life getting in the way.

Last week in particular I have dealt with my health issue again, gotten a new puppy, and handled my husband’s changing work schedule. This week hasn’t been too different. Next week things will hopefully go back to normal (except trying to housebreak a puppy), but I feel that nagging in the back of my head to write.

Everyday I put on my planner to write at least 2,000 words and every morning, I am disappointed with myself for not getting it done. This means I need to seriously explore what is going on.

For one, the novel that I had planned to write for National Novel Writing Month didn’t go as well as I had planned. I even switched novels in the middle of the month. Afterwards, I looked at my plans for the original novel and realized it wasn’t what I had wanted to write. Somewhere (probably in the hurry to get it ready for November) I lost track of my original idea.

I spent one day going through all my thoughts about what I wanted the novel to be and actually came up with a plan. But that was as far as it got. Then I spent a few days going through some websites and finding some writing prompts. My thoughts was that while I continue to rework my plot for the novel, I could get some short stories written. And I have some really cool prompts that has my writing wheels turning, but still no words.

I think my biggest problem has just been the age old one that many writers face. Getting that butt in the chair and actually working on it. Facebook, Pinterest, and even some solitaire games has been taking over my time instead of writing. I’ve been writing letters to a friend who is away for three months, but not actually writing fiction.

What I need to do is make my writing a priority. During those times when I don’t have anything to do, I should be working on my plot instead of playing a game of solitaire. During my drive to take my son to work, I should be mentally thinking about the plot of my story, instead of singing along with the radio.

It is just getting my butt into gear. So that is my goal for the rest of the week. Starting all over and getting myself back into the writer mode. It wasn’t bad that I took a break from the writing for a little. It may even be a good thing. Now I know how much I miss it and will try even harder to keep it in my life.

So until next time…. Keep Writing!


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