Monday Morning and Ready for New Week

Wow! It was a long week last week. Leave it to me to get sick during the first full week of National Novel Writing Month. But that is okay, I am going to work extra hard this week to put extra words on the page and be back on track by Friday.

I had a very interesting weekend. There is a number of reasons, but I’m only going to discuss a few with you.

Lyme Disease

The first is that on Saturday, I got to volunteer for the Beat Lyme 5K. This is something very close to my heart because my cousin is battling with Lyme disease right now. It isn’t the disease that most people think it is. It can be debilitating and lives can be drastically altered because of this.

Before I knew about my cousin’s diagnosis, here is what I thought I knew about Lyme disease:

  • You got it from ticks.
  • You knew you had it when you got the bullet rash on your body.
  • You took some antibiotics and were fine.

This isn’t the case. Everyday I am learning more and more about this disease. Here is some of the new things I have learned:

  • Not everyone gets the bullet rash
  • It can takes months or even years before you get the proper diagnosis.
  • There are different types of Lyme disease and antibiotics don’t always cure it.
  • The disease can be so devastating that people are unable to work and some can’t even get out of bed.
  • A lot of insurance companies won’t cover the cost of treating Lyme Disease because it seems to be a topic that is up for debate.

Spending the day volunteering was really an eye opener for me. Not only did I get to see the affects of this disease on others. I got to see how something so horrible can bring some families closer and tear others apart. It isn’t the simple disease that I had once believed.

Young Author

The other thing which happened this weekend, which really boosted my own need to write was that when visiting a friend, her niece came up to me and started asking questions about writing. She is a teenager and wants to have a book published before she is fifteen.

Talking with this young lady, I saw in her the same drive and determination that I had when I was her age. I also saw the love she had for writing.

Lately, I haven’t really had that drive, determination, or love for writing that I used to. To be completely honest, I had even thought a few times about giving it up. All those thoughts about how if I really wanted to write, I would be doing it instead of procrastination. How, I’m getting too old to actually achieve my dreams. But after talking to her, I realized that I do love writing. It is hard and I have to push myself some days to actually sit down and put words on paper to begin with, but once I get going, I get that old feeling back.

Talking with her, helped me to see that I am still the writer I always have been. I just need a little more boost because life isn’t going to allow me to do it. I need to make myself do it. I want to write fiction and I want to create worlds for others to read. Maybe I won’t get an agent and have a bestseller, but I will follow my dreams and write.

Okay, instead of writing here, I need to get to work on getting my word count up for National Novel Writing Month.

Until next time…. Keep Writing.


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