Horrible Night and Morning

This morning didn’t start good at all. It began last night with me not feeling well and then my phone started to act up. Well, I had horrible dreams last night which of course starts me in a mood for the day. Then as the morning progresses, my phone starts acting up and not really thinking, I reset it hoping to use a back up. The problem is that I don’t wi-fi at work and can’t restore with a backup. Had to start over on my phone. I’m hoping that once I am home for the evening I will be able to restore from my back up and things will be okay.

The dreams and the way I felt last night is a sure sign that I will be getting nailed with a migraine probably before the night is over. I can already feel one starting and have taken my medication. I’m praying that this will hold it off until I get everything done that I need to.

I hate starting my day with bad dreams lingering in my head. It always sets me in a mood that I don’t like being in. That is the worst thing about my migraines. Besides the pain which is obvious, it plays with my emotions. I become almost paranoid about everything and the least little thing can set me off. One moment I can be a blubbering mess and the next so angry that steam could come out of my ears. And the dreams don’t make it any better. I can always tell when my migraine is really bad or one is coming because I get these horrible dreams. They remind me of the dreams you get when you spike a fever. They are always very real and involve something that sets my emotions off. Last night was no different.

So, I’m going to push through my day, although probably not as energetic or enthusiastic as I usually do and we’ll see what happens.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – today’s post written.
  • Steve – finish Chapter 3
  • Sandra – Add more to computer copy
  • Enchanted objects – fill in five boxes on grid
  • Producer – bookmarking guest ideas/contacts

Here is what I got done today:

Producer – bookmarking guest ideas/contacts

The main thing I got accomplished was that I listened to a local radio show and wrote down their schedule for the show. Will do it again tomorrow and start looking at it closer for what I need to do. One day this week I really need to crack down and get more bookmarks done and work on show ideas

Steve – finish chapter 3

I accomplished this goal. Not really sure how great the first three chapters that I turned in was, but they are written and can be added to as I progress further along in the story. Now the waiting game begins before I start on the next chapter.

Sandra – add to computer copy

Did pretty well with this one too.Got the outline almost completed and will become a priority tomorrow so it can be turned in. Then I am onto the next outline in the set. I’ll have to start brainstorming the “crime” for this one.

Enchanted Objects – fill in five boxes on grid

I got one box filled in, but realized while trying to fill in more that there are some really big gaps in my story right now that I have to think through. One idea I had was to write out my plot from beginning to end. This way I can get everything in my head down and see where it takes me from there. Maybe I won’t need to grid as much now. I didn’t get everything written yet, but I did get some new ideas. Will continue to work on this tomorrow.

Well, in the end, the day didn’t go too bad. I fought a migraine for most of it, but once the storm came, I started feeling better. I mainly worked on everything during the evening and would have gotten more done on Sandra and Enchanted Objects, but I was tired and knew that needed to get some sleep and stay on schedule so no more migraines.

Well, until tomorrow…. Keep writing.


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