Monday Arrived With a Blink

Monday has arrived and I really don’t know where the weekend went. Although it was a nice weekend since we got to spend some time with friends and our nieces, it also seemed to go by in a flash. Mondays are always the worst day for me, which is why I try to only schedule small so that I’m not neglecting things while I get myself back into my writing schedule. This is why I never try to schedule actual writing such as my Steve project on a Monday.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – today’s post written.
  • Weekly websites
  • Sandra – Add more to computer copy
  • Enchanted objects – fill in five boxes on grid
  • Producer – bookmarking guest ideas/contacts

Here is what I got done today:

Producer – bookmarking guest ideas/contacts

Did a little research on places to check out for guests. Need to do a lot more.

Weekly Websites

Found some articles that I will hopefully post on tomorrow’s blog. Once I found the articles that held the information I wanted, I basically saved them to read later.

Sandra – add to computer copy

Got only a little bit added. Not anywhere near what I wanted.

Enchanted Objects – fill in five boxes on grid

Nope. Didn’t get a chance to even look at it.

Today basically sucked when it came to my writing. Although I got through my weekly websites and did a little work on both Sandra and my producer stuff, that was the most I did. Between having issues with my phone and not feeling good, I basically was a vegetable in front of Netflix. Hoping tomorrow will end up being a lot better.

The one good thing was that I figured up my word count for last week and it 7268. More than I have done since keeping track. I’m hoping that I can make this week as good if not better.

Well, until tomorrow…. Keep writing.


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