Friday Has Arrived And I’m Busy Girl

It is Friday and my day off of my job. I could have slept in, but instead I was wide awake at 4am. Decided that instead of laying in bed and telling myself how many more hours until I had to get up, I would just get up and start my day.

The day is going to be busy with me trying to get a number of things done, but as long as I stick with my plan I should be good. Plus, it all depends on my husband’s doctor’s appointment this morning. But being the writer that I am, I’m taking along my notebook and Kindle in order to maybe get some things worked on while we are waiting.

Close to a year ago, my husband got really sick. He was tired all the time, couldn’t handle any heat, was losing weight like it was crazy, and having severe chest pains. We were in and out of the emergency room, thinking that every time we would be told it was his heart. His father started with his heart trouble at a young age and it seemed like a big possibility. Every time we would leave with them saying his heart was fine. They weren’t sure what was wrong. Probably just a pulled muscle. Then one evening we were out to dinner and I looked across the table at my husband and thought… “He has cancer.” That night was horrible, with us finally rushing to the ER. This time, we both pushed more and they ended up admitting him. It was the next morning when the doctor came in to talk that we finally discovered what was happening.

It wasn’t his heart and it wasn’t cancer (I thanked God for answering those prayers), but it was his thyroid levels. This lead to us seeing a thyroid specialist and my husband started medication to try to control it. Well, his thyroid was being stubborn and decided instead of shrinking it would enlarge and in the end, my husband needed to have both his thyroids removed (the surgeon said each one was the size of his fist. Since then it has been a serious of blood work and doctor appointments in order to try and get the right dose of thyroid medication.

Since my husband had his thyroid removed, he has improved greatly. He put on weight and isn’t as tired. He also doesn’t have to have the temperature set at 30 degrees in order to be comfortable. (We froze last summer and would go outside in July to get warm.)

So today is another check up. The reason I am sharing this in my blog is because there is always the writers who say you have to write everyday in order to get published or even to be a writer. Writing is on my mind everyday. Whenever I am not writing, I am certainly thinking about it, but I don’t write everyday. Weekends are my off days. The reason is because I spend those days with my husband. Things were so rough last year that I treasure every moment I have with him.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – today’s post written after yesterday’s is finished.
  • Steve – Chapter 2 finished & half of Chapter 3
  • Sandra – Add more to computer copy
  • Enchanted objects – fill in five boxes on grid
  • Producer – bookmarking guest ideas/contacts

Here is what I got done today:

Producer – bookmarking guest ideas/contacts

While at the doctor office, I did do a little work for this project. The one thing I need to do is find events and people from the area where the show is being conducted to book guests. I was able to find a really good website which held current events as well as links to the area newspapers. I didn’t go too deep into it at the moment, but feel better knowing that I will be able to find the information I am looking for.

The neat thing was that on the way, we were listening to a local morning radio show and I got a few ideas. I’ve created an idea file where I can put these ideas when they come to me. This made me even more excited to really get going on this project.

Steve – Chapter 2 finished & half of Chapter 3

After getting myself away from organizing and trying to figure out a planner for everything I will be doing, I sat down on the couch with my computer and The X-Files on Netflix and got down to writing.

I was able to complete chapter two and got half of Chapter three written. I felt good about getting that accomplished, but not really liking the story too much. I know that this is a ghostwriting assignment, but I feel that it is a little dreary right now. Monday when I get back to work on it hopefully it will go a lot smoother. Plus, I have to keep reminding myself that I will obviously need to go back through it when the whole thing is done in order to reach my word count.

Sandra – add to computer copy

Got a lot added to the plot that I already had typed into the computer. I am still at the beginning of the story, but feel like maybe the wall has finally come down and I’ll be able to get all the dots connected.

Enchanted Objects – fill in five boxes on grid

I didn’t fill in any boxes, but I did work on some brainstorming. And part of that brainstorming was reading some articles on story structure. I find that sometimes when I read about the different parts of a story, I come up with ideas. I had a few while doing this and hopefully when I get back to it on Monday, I will come across a lot more.

Well, it is later in the evening than I normally am. I figured the best thing for me to do is get this blog post done and ready to be posted in the morning in order to begin my two days of non-writing.

It’s been an interesting week and I can only imagine what next week will be like.

Well, until tomorrow…. Keep writing.


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