Hump Day

It is Wednesday morning as I write this and I’m actually depressed. There are a number of personal reasons, such as a talk I had with my Uncle last night which was sad, the dreams of my father I had after the talk, and the fact that during the week, I miss my husband since we only see each other briefly throughout the day. But I’m also depressed because I didn’t get as much accomplished last night as I wanted to.

Although I didn’t need the internet completely for what I was doing, the fact it wasn’t working and the time wasted on trying to get it solved (BTW it is working fine this morning) was enough to keep me from my writing. This has sent me into depression mode.

If you look at anything that talks about writers, it says that they are prone to depression. It is true. I’ve dealt with it off and on all my life and most of the time, it keeps me from writing and that sends me into a deeper depression. I’ve done the meds, which send me into migraines, and I’ve tried the herbal remedies, but all of that doesn’t work for me. The one thing which works is writing.

This leads to an endless loop because when I’m depressed, I don’t feel like writing although it calls to me the whole time. No writing means I feel even more depressed and the only thing which will get me out of it is writing. But when I’m depressed, I don’t feel like writing.

I’ve also noticed that playing music usually helps me too. Which means music is definitely in order for today. Cue Spotify.

So my number one goal for the day is to get out of this depressive mood and get some writing done. I’m hoping it works because I have a chapter to have finished and turned in by the end of the day.

Wednesday, August 5 2015

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – today’s post written after yesterday’s is finished.
  • Steve – Chapter One (needs turned in)
  • Sandra – fill out five boxes on grid
  • Enchanted objects – fill in everything I know onto the grid

Here is what I got done today:

Blog post

Finished up yesterday’s and on to today. I’ve made the decision to stop adding this in the what I got done part. I have been really good at getting this done. It’s the motivation I need and to repeat the same thing everyday isn’t exactly what I want to do.

Steve – Chapter One

Chapter one is completed. I ended up with 1774 words on this chapter. Not a bad start for the day. My plan is to wait for the response to the chapter to start on Chapter two in case there needs to be some changes. Once it is okay, then Chapter 2 and 3 is next on the menu.

Later in the evening, the first chapter got approved so onto Chapter Two and Three for the rest of this week.

Sandra – fill out five boxes on grid

Worked on this off and on throughout the day and stuck with the middle. I’m going let this sink in for the night and see if I can get more boxes filled in. Sometimes when I take my mind off of the story, the ideas finally hit.

Enchanted Objects – fill in everything I know onto the grid

Was able to get the boxes filled in of the things I knew.

Like I stated, music and writing always gets me out of my bad moods. After getting Chapter One of Steve’s assignment done, I’m feeling a lot better. I have my music playing and plan to do some more work on my writing guidebook while I wait for work at my job. Definitely turned into a better morning than I expected.

Definitely got a lot accomplished today and wasn’t sure it was going to happen. Now we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I have plenty of work to do at my job and then my son ended up getting hurt at work and will need to run to doctor(s) appointment(s) tomorrow.

Well, until tomorrow…. Keep writing.


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