Needs to be Productive!

As I suspected, the migraine yesterday made it a non-productive day. This means that today really needs to be productive. I still have a migraine, but as the morning is progressing, it is easing. Which is good considering what all I need to get done.

One thing I have discovered about myself is how creative I can become when I’m not quite ready to start writing. Today, I had plenty of time to get the Steve writing done throughout the day, after I had worked on Enchanted Objects. Instead of working on the writing, I created myself a writing guidebook, which has a number of things that I commonly refer to while plotting, writing and editing. It isn’t finished and it is at 61 pages, but these are items I find myself constantly going online to look at or even having sheets tucked in notebooks to refer to. I figured the best thing to do would be to create a book where all this information will be kept. Then I don’t have to worry about starting up a laptop or waiting for a program to load in order to find the information. It will all be right in one book. But this was all a way for my brain to keep me from writing. At least it was something productive and not playing Candy Crush or Solitaire.

Tuesday, August 4 2015

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – today’s post written
  • Sandra – fill out five boxes on grid
  • Enchanted objects – continue brainstorming ideas so ready for grid
  • Steve – Chapter One

Here is what I got done today:

Blog post

Finished up yesterday’s and on to today.

Steve – Chapter One

I did get some work done on this. Wasn’t as much as I planned due to internet issues, but at least it was a start. Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day.

Sandra – fill out five boxes on grid

Got almost all the boxes on the grid filled out. The story is starting to really take shape. I need to throw in a few more suspects and then I’ll be good to start typing this up.

I love it on days when I’m plotting and all the pieces seem to really start to take shape. It gives me the feeling of actually accomplishing something. It’s like solving a difficult puzzle which had been nagging at you for days.

Enchanted Objects – continue brainstorming and prepare to grid

I made the decision that before I did anything else with my writing today, I would get this story to the grid plotting point. I went through all my notes and then came up with the main plot points throughout the story. I did this with the help of Ingrid Sundberg’s article “What is Arch Plot and Classic Design?” She even has a graph which helps you see where certain plot points are. Now come tomorrow, I am ready to start filling in my grid.

Internet problems will be the downfall of me this week. Went to get work done last night and my internet was in slow motion. When I called them, I ended up with a 28 minute phone call (most on hold) and then they said it would take longer so they would call back. Never heard from them. Hopefully things will be a lot better tomorrow.

Well, until tomorrow…. Keep writing.


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