It’s Friday! It’s Friday!

Good Friday morning to you!

I’m really looking forward to the weekend, I hope you guys are too.

My mind has been buzzing with how well this week has gone. There hasn’t been a day when I didn’t get most of the things on my to do list accomplished. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. I want to thank all of you because if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have that checking in everyday.

The down side is that today I didn’t reach my goals. Mainly because out of nowhere, I got nailed with an unbearable migraine. It started around 1:30 and wouldn’t let up the rest of the evening. I got a little bit of things done in the morning, but my evening was a total waste. I’m hoping that come Monday, I will be back to my old self and my writing grind.

I talked yesterday about how I discovered the bullet journal for a planner. And I created a page in my writing notebook, but for some reason, it just wasn’t working for me. Maybe because it meant I needed to keep flipping from the project I was working on to the page where my list was. I did some more searching this morning on other examples of bullet journals and found someone’s page which I really liked. Instead of having this page in my notebook, I created a version of the one I found in InDesign and am using a printed sheet each week to keep track of things. The sheet fits in my notebook so I can always keep it with me and be on the page where I am currently working.

Well, onto the day’s to do list.

Friday, July 31, 2015 (did I already cheer!)

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – finish yesterday and do today’s
  • Sandra – fill out five boxes on grid
  • Enchanted objects – continue brainstorming ideas so ready for grid
  • Steve – chapter one started.

Here is what I got done today:

Blog post

As usual, finished yesterday’s post and then started today’s, keeping it going throughout the day.

Steve – chapter one started

Yep, the payment and contract was finally received! Now it is time to start writing this 25K work novel. I was excited to get to work on this, but due to the migraine which hit, I didn’t get a chance to even start. I may work on it this weekend, or possibly just wait until Monday to start over.

One thing I did think about, since it was about the only thing I could do with a migraine was whether I should start working on this in long hand and then transfer everything to the computer. It would allow me to work on this wherever as well as do the editing while I am typing it in. I will continue thinking about it through the weekend.

Well, until tomorrow…. Keep writing.


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