Second Day… Will This Momentum Keep Going?

Good Tuesday Morning! (Remember, I am posting the next day on what I did the previous, so technically this will appear on Wednesday)

This is my second day of my attempt to blog everyday to show you my journey for my writing. If you didn’t catch the start of this new venture, please check out the post I put up this morning which describes my writing process as well as what I got accomplished on my first day.

By the end of the evening yesterday, I felt pretty good about everything I got done. I completed my to do list and even got some time to watch a little television. But this is the start of a new day and more writing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Here is what is on my to do list for the day:

  • Blog post – finish yesterday and do todays
  • Sandra – outlining second row on grid
  • Steve – research on things noted previous day
  • Enchanted objects – continue brainstorming characters and ideas.

Here is what I got done today:

Blog post

First thing I did once I got my to do list completed, was finish up my blog post for yesterday. It only took me adding a few additional comments and it was off and published. Once that once completed, I started to work on this one. My plan is to keep it open throughout the day to write down the items I worked on and what happened.

I discovered yesterday while writing that post that if I write down in this blog what I did, then it made the item feel more solid and not like I was only goofing off. I was able to take what I was doing and turn it into something more.

Steve – research

Once I completed updating the blog for today, I got onto Upwork and checked on messages. I had turned in my previous novel on the 22nd and hadn’t heard anything back. I wanted to make sure everything was completed and ready before starting the next novel. I got a reply that the client liked the novel and no changes needed to be made. Yet, I haven’t received payment. This left me wondering where I should go.

This has been the first assignment from this particular client and I’m doing more work and getting paid more for it, yet even after the novel had been accepted, no payment has gone through. I don’t want to take time away from my other projects to work on their next assignment unless I know I will be paid.

My plan of action for now is to work on the research like I have planned, but no writing until payment is received. This will allow me to gauge how they are going to handle the situation from here.

Using Upwork is a nice way to conduct freelance assignments because you have a contract with the clients you get assignments from. If for some reason there is a dispute, then you can go to the website and have them jump in. I haven’t had an issue since I started using them to find work. I’m sure this is a matter of waiting for others approval in order to put the payment through. But thinking about this, I need to contact my client and let them know we need another contract made for this next novel.

The research for this novel was fairly simple…looking up an arbalist and checking out the town where the story takes place. It always amazes me how google maps work. It’s easy to go into street level and do a virtual tour of a town and take in the sites. I have used it previously for finding locations, but to never to research a location. I may need to do this more often.

Now that the research is checked off my list, I can be throw myself back into working on outlines.

Sandra – second row on grid  five boxes

Today’s work on this outline didn’t go as well as yesterday. Mainly because once I looked at my grid, I realized I needed to change and move a number of the things around. I think what I will do instead of rows is change it to a number of boxes. My grid has 20 boxes so if I say that getting five done a day instead of one row, then I will be just as good. So this goal got changed.

As I worked on this plot, I wondered if the whole thing was going to work out. The more I go through it, the more it seems like this isn’t the plot for a cozy mystery, but more one for a hard-core mystery. I got my ten boxes, but will need to bang the whole thing around in my brain to see where I really want to go.

Made the decision to scrap that outline and come up with another one. This isn’t exactly what I like to do, but the one I was doing didn’t fit cozy mystery. So onto a whole new plot idea. Came up with a few, but will have to see which one my brain tells me to follow.

Enchanted Objects – brainstorm

Only got a small amount of brainstorming done. Figured out another character but have some more work on the other ones. This is a slow process, but hoping tomorrow will bring way more progress on this one.


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