The past two months I have felt like I’ve needed to explain myself to everyone. Why haven’t I been in contact? Why don’t I make plans to do anything? The whole reason for my lack of contact is basically, my writing! It wasn’t until I sat down to work on this blog post that I realized that I actually am a writer. I know this might sound strange to some people who have known me, but I’ve always had a hard time thinking of myself as one. But now I can. What has changed?

What Makes a Writer?    

I have read everything I can about writing, including the articles about the fact that anyone who writes is a writer. There isn’t a magic time, number of words, or place of publication that is required for someone to be a writer. But to me, I always felt like there needed to be something that would finally make me see myself as a writer. Then today I finally understood what I had been looking for. It is the acknowledgement that others are interested in my writing.

A few years ago I had a short story published, but nothing more. I had been struggling to get words onto paper, let alone anything published. And then in the last few months, I actually have been getting fiction writing done and paid to do it. I’ve created a total of four books and all of them have been paid for. They won’t be published under my name, but I know that I wrote them. Ghostwriting for me has been the thing which threw me over the edge of actually being able to call myself a writer.

What Changed?

I sit here and think about what has finally changed that I have been able to write more. Then it hit me… up until now I have been dealing with a teenager in school and spending my evenings with my husband. And not to mention the fact that when I would get home from my really stressful job, all I wanted to do was relax. But that has all changed.

My son is an adult. I have changed jobs which is nowhere near as stressful and a lot more flexible. And my husband is working second shift, leaving me basically to myself in the evenings. These three little things have changed my life and made me able to get writing done.


These leads to the sacrifices I have had to make in order to make my lifelong dreams a reality. The one thing I needed to realize was that I needed to be more mindful of how I spent my time. Instead of spending my evenings watching television, I had to use that time for my writing. I couldn’t be on my phone because I needed to be on my computer to write. The time I plan for my evening writing needed to be my time to write and nothing else.

My evenings have become fairly strict. I arrive home from work and get supper made. While supper is cooking, I do a little housework and then eat. I allow myself a little time after supper to relax, but when seven hits, I need to be writing, whether in my office, on the couch with the laptop, or at the kitchen table. The rest of my evening I spend working on my writing until my husband arrives home or I have completed my goals for the day.

I don’t talk with my friends as much as I use to. I feel guilty for not taking the time, but in the end I realize that I need to make these sacrifices for my dreams. Nothing more and nothing less. It might seem selfish, but for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. This means that I need to write.


Hopefully all the sacrifices that I have been making will lead to my ultimate goal of having my own book in my hands. It may still be a ways off, but every day I find myself inching closer and closer to this goal. The only way to make dreams come true is to reach out and grab them.


Happy Writing J




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