Don’t Give Up

Hello, my name is Beverly and I have an addiction.

An addiction to television.

This isn’t something a writer should say, but it is 100% true. I love curling up on the recliners with my husband during the weekend and watch the week’s worth of shows that we have on our DVR or even trying to get through as many episodes of LOST on Netflix before our Internet is overtaken by a teenager on an Xbox.

Contrary to what most writers tell you, I believe that watching television is important to writers. The problem is that it can become a way to procrastinate. When I am having issues with my current writing problem, I find myself wanting to curl up on the couch and watch a Netflix marathon. And there have been nights when I’ve done that. To me, this is beneficial because it allows me to take a break from whatever plot issue or writing issue I am currently facing and delve into another world. Reading is another break, but sometimes you just need a good television show.

Two weekends ago proved my point to how important television can be to writers. My husband and I got comfortable in our recliner and watched the weekly DVR recordings. One of those shows was Wahlburgers. This was one of our Saturday afternoon finds when we discovered a marathon being played and since then have watched every week to follow the adventures of the Wahlburger family.

In this episode, Donnie was talking to his son about how the New Kids on the Block’s second show didn’t go over as well as they had hoped. The audience actually started to throw objects at them and then security pulled them off stage. He said that they could have easily given up but those five teenagers didn’t. They got out of security’s grasp and went back onto stage and by the time they were done singing, the audience loved them. Thirty years later they were getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This got me to thinking. The past month or so, I’ve found myself not really focusing on my writing as much as I would like. There always seems to be something needing to be done or I would be too tired. The worst part is that I was excited because my husband was going to be working second shift starting in January and I would have my evenings free to write without guilt. It has gotten so bad that I have three months of Writer’s Digest I need to read, which has never happened before.

This all had been leading to me thinking that maybe I should just give up on trying to write a novel. It obviously wasn’t important enough to me or I would be making sure I got it done every night.

Listening to Donnie talk about not giving up made me realize that I can’t give up on my dream of writing. I have spent so many years on this career. I have had short stories published and even worked freelancing job coming up with plots for other writers. What I need to give up on is all the procrastination.

So that is what I am doing. I’ve set up a specific schedule, including word count that I need to reach each day. If I reach that word count, then I can easily call it a night. Some days I know will be harder than others, but I am going to push through. I can’t give up. I need to follow the example of the New Kids on the Block and get past my obstacles and make my dreams come true. Thanks Donnie  🙂

Keep writing!

Weekly links:

Every week, I will try to include any articles from websites that I have found interesting. Here is this weeks:

(Impossibly Condensed) Checklists for Beginning a Novel

By Randy Susan Meyers

9 Tools that No Serious Online Writer Should Be Without

by Sherice Jacob

NOTES FROM THE MARGINS: Finding Your Writing Process – A Procrastinator’s Journey

By: Danny Manus

This article is fabulous. It made me realize that the way I actually end up getting things done during the week is actually just my personal preference and not that I am not a good/real writer. Check out next week’s blog when I talk more about this.


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