Writing And NSync

Although it is the sixth of January, 2014, today is the day when I am starting my new year resolution. I made the decision I needed to start at the beginning of a week instead of the middle. Maybe that has something to do with my “issues.” See I am an extremely organized person, which I think may have something to do with why I never fully get novels written or haven’t finished a short story in a while.  Everything has to be perfect.  At least they did.

Today this changes. Today I am a WRITER! One way for me to prove this to myself is by resetting this blog. My plans is to start acting like a writer. My life is going to be focus on my writing: while at work I will think about my plots, while working as an Executive Producer for Haunted Voices Radio Show!, I will be using the information for ideas, and while working as the Children’s Book Editor for Dreamer Apps, I will be creative by creating books for children. My entire life will be focused on finally making my dreams come true.

Short Story Writing

I started my day in a very different mood than I am in now. One reason is that since I didn’t have to go to my job this morning, I got to stay in bed a little longer than normal and watched a movie. The movie was one from my teens and lead me into looking some things up on YouTube. All this lead to me thinking about a bunch of things I didn’t want to think about. Which leads to my “Story in My Head,” as I like too call it.

For years I have written a story in my head. It involves three main characters and every once in a while I will actually put down some of the scenes into a word processor. Typically they are scenes that I am so attached to and keep going over and over in my head. I have no idea and the story isn’t one I actually plan on publishing, but is more my alter ego. It is almost like I am Clark Kent and Superman. The main character is a different version of myself. She has this life which isn’t perfect, but she is happy and does the things I only dream about (obviously since it isn’t real). Anyhow, after this morning movie and YouTube emotional experience, I decided I needed to write one of these scenes down.

This began my writing day. I poured out the emotions I was feeling while tears poured down my face. Once this was finished, I was actually in the mood to start writing. I’ve learned that by usually writing something from “The Story in My Head” that it will begin productive writing.


I started plotting my new novel today. I’m actually feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Through some questions, I have actually been able to come up with the perfect explanation for my plot which will allow me to continue to move on. I also have been able to come up with some great opening scenes.

Writing To Music

You might be wondering while the title said NSync. Well, while I am writing this and have been writing all morning, I have had my Spotify account going. Right now I am playing NSync’s Celebrity album and actually bopping along with the music. Why? Because music is one way that I have always been able to get into my writing.  What type of music do you listen to while you are writing?


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